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Mental health disorders have recognisable symptoms and are manageable just like any other illness. It is evidenced that people who seek treatment  can do much to reduce or even eliminate their symptoms.

We are passionate about helping people with depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, adult ADHD and other conditions. 

Over the past decades, psychiatry  has advanced significantly as a medical discipline as a result of  significant research. Today we have many new diagnostic tools and  treatment methods. Many new medicines have been introduced. We have more  data on how to use these medicines and which patients benefit the most  from different types of medicines. Psychiatry has also developed new types of psychotherapy for several mental illness. 

There are so many new options available to patients that it can be difficult for patients to know which one, or which combinations, to choose. We believe  it is important for patients to find a psychiatrist who has significant experience with the broad variety of treatment options available today.

Our approach to the treatment of patients is multi-dimensional. We focus on  the complex interaction between biological, psychological and social  issues affecting the patient. Though some symptoms can be treated with  medication, our emphasis is on the integration of psychotherapeutic approach with medication used thoughtfully.