What is Telepsychiatry?


Telepsychiatry  is a consultation conducted by video  or via a computer between you and your psychiatrist at a distant  location. The consultation may occur at home, at a general  practitioner's (GP's) practice or in a hospital. The psychiatrist will  speak with you and ask you questions in the same way they would at a  face-to-face consultation. Telepsychiatry improves your access to a  psychiatrist and will reduce travel time and costs. It also means that  you do not have to be away from work for long periods of time.

Am I eligible for Telepsychiatry ?

Everyone is eligible; however, Medicare claims are only possible if you:

  • live outside a major city and are more than 15 km from the psychiatrist
  • are not currently in hospital.

People  living in residential aged care facilities or receiving Aboriginal  medical services anywhere in Australia are not affected by these  restrictions.

A video consultation will only be offered if the psychiatrist and GP consider it safe and suitable.

Visit the Doctor Connect website  to find out if you are in an area that's eligible for Medicare claims  for telepsychiatry. Remoteness Areas 2–5 are eligible; Remoteness Area 1  corresponds to major cities and is not eligible). Patients outside of  major metropolitan areas (RA2-5) are bulk-billed. Patients living in RA1  metropolitan areas may still use the service, but are responsible for  all fees and there is no Medicare rebate.

For further information and booking please call: 1300 472 866.